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The Solidarity Economy

The Solidarity Economy is otherwise known as the New Economy, The Co-operative Economy or the Wellbeing Economy. It aims to put people and planet before profit and shift our economic outlook towards increased democracy and participation, sustainability and the protection of our planet and the equality and empowerment of all, centering disadvantaged peoples. Press or mouse over the tiles below to read about some of it’s key themes. 

A wellbeing economy

The Co-op economy could form a subset of the wellbeing economy championed by activist Laura Sharples from Brighton, putting people and planet before profit.

Co-ops, community ownership and democracy

  • Prioritise and promote co-ops and community or public ownership over private business.
  • Promote democracy with 1 person 1 vote.
  • Let local people make decisions.

Community wealth building

Community Wealth Building is an approach, developed initially by the Democracy Collaborative in the United States, which aims to ensure the economic system builds wealth and prosperity for everyone.

Environment, climate change and the 'Green New Deal'

  • Put the environment at the heart of the economy.
  • Empower people to promote sustainable practices through climate justice.
  • Instigate a Green New Deal creating well paid jobs in new green industries, transitioning our energy system and building new infrastructure. 

Zero waste and the 'circular economy'

  • Aim for zero waste and the circular economy.
  • Keep products and materials in use.
  • Regenerate natural systems.
  • Design systems and physical objects built to last.

Equality and fundamental human rights

  • Provide key assets such as water, food, housing, healthcare, education and internet free as fundamental human rights. 
  • Create and promote robust equality, diversity and inclusion policies including access to healthcare etc.
  • Eliminate inequality.

The Solidarity/New Economy in Brighton and Hove