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Our timeline

At SEASALT we’re constantly working to make our dream a reality. Whether it’s viewing houses, raising sustainable investment or running and attending events with co-operatives around the world, we’re always busy! 

Take a look at our timeline below to find out the story of SEASALT and what we’ve been up to over the last few years. You can also see all of our features in the news, media and more underneath.    

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August 2020
Share offer relaunch

CLT's Share offer was relaunched to only include SEASALT.

June 2020
8 new members
8 new members join - SEASALT is still growing!
June 2020
We're on the BBC!

SEASALT interviewed for a BBC Bitesize series on ‘young people making waves with their social action projects’

January 2020
CLT share offer launch

CLT's share offer launch event. The share offer aims to raise funding allowing SEASALT to purchase our first house

October 2019
October 2019
Let's talk property radio interview

SEASALT speaks on a local radio show called ‘let’s talk property’ 

August 2019
B&B campaign

 SEASALT campaigns to turn an empty seaside B&B into SHC through submitting a Planning application with the City Council in Brighton. Although unsuccessful, our efforts feature in the local news:

July 2019
Rent Strike

Seasalt attends a weekend conference for student housing activists across the UK held in London. 

June 2019
Tackling unaffordability in the UK

SEASALT is interviewed by NewStart on Student Co-op Homes role in tackling unaffordability in the UK. 

March 2019
Diggers and Dreamers - we're in the media again

SEASALT speaks at the Tales of the New Diggers and Dreamers event, organised locally by BHCLT. 

May 2019
£65k+ grant funding received!

SEASALT receives over £65k in grant funding! We make the headlines in multiple publications:

November 2018
SEASALT in the media

SEASALT talks at the 'Enterprise with meaning' event and appears in an interview with Latest Brighton TV. 


May 2018
Student Coop homes formed

A national body 'Student Coop Homes' is formed to help set up and organise the student housing coop movement. 

April 2018
SEASALT name chosen

The name 'SEASLAT' (South East Students Living Autonomously Together) is officially chosen.

February 2018
Initial information event and 10 members

SEASALT holds am Initial info event for student Co-op Homes in Brighton and 10 students join the working group. 

January 2018
SEASALT founded!

This is where it all officially started...

March 2017
Second Students Union election

A second USSU officer is elected with a renewed mandate to set up a student housing co-operative. 

June 2016
Feasibility discussions in Brighton

Students for Cooperation conference in Brighton with initial feasibility discussions about setting up a student housing co-operative.

March 2015
University of Sussex Students Union election

A University of Sussex Students union (USSU) officer is elected on a manifesto promise to set up a student housing co-operative.

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