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Currently, the main way to get involved with SEASALT is to join the working group whose aim is to set up SEASALT Housing Co-operative. We meet every 2 weeks to discuss project updates and assign tasks depending on members’ capacity. We have additional meetings every 2 weeks with our partner organisation – BHCLT.

SEASALT is inviting new student members for the 2020-21 academic year to join the working group.

We hope to encourage students who would like to live in the co-op to join our working group and help us set up SEASALT. We anticipate that demand for rooms in our house will be high, so we will probably select members based on the length of their volunteering with SEASALT in case there is not enough space. 

Information and documents for potential members

Why should I get involved in SEASALT?

Read what some of our members and supporters have to say.

"I was drawn to the co-op movement after my experience working for a housing law clinic.

I've seen first hand the state that people are being left in. Joining SEASALT was a natural progression for me to improve housing access and justice within the Brighton and Hove area." - Matt Baldwin, Committee member

Matt Baldwin - Committee Member

"The Government and universities have really shafted students in the past year, especially in terms of rent rebates.

Half of young people's disposable incomes often go on houses that are unsuitable and unsafe. It made me think: is there a way I can live that's fairer, more sustainable and more affordable?" - Tom Green, Committee member

Tom Green - Committee Member

"Hearing more about SEASALT is so inspiring. They are leading the way tackling a really huge problem of exorbitant rents, unresponsive landlords and poor quality student housing at the source.

I am really proud that the first student led housing cooperative in the South East will be in Brighton. I hope its profile will increase so more students take the initiative to set up housing co-operatives" around the country. - Caroline Lucas, MP, Brighton Pavillion

Caroline Lucas - MP, Brighton Pavillion

"It is no secret that we face a housing crisis, both across our city and our country, and that young people face the sharp end of it. A young people's housing cooperative is a fantastic initiative that will help ensure we are not pricing young people out of Brighton. The cooperative's values are in line with Council objectives and this innovative, affordable housing initiative, which will be owned by the community, is exactly the sort of thing we should be encouraging across our city." - LLoyd Russell Moyle, MP, Brighton Kemptown

LLoyd Russell Moyle - MP, Brighton Kemptown

"On a personal note, it was really inspiring hearing about your goals and what you’ve already done. It really does reinvigorate my hope levels for Our Planet seeing people acting as you are – great job!" - Sebastian Howarth, Business development executive @ Compare your Footprint

Sebastian Howarth - Business development executive @ Compare your Footprint

"There are thousands of individuals and families trapped in unsustainable housing situations because of the disastrous disconnect between wages and average rents in the city." - Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust in the Financial Times

Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust

What can I get involved in?

Forming partnerships

Form partnerships with other coops and organisations both locally and nationally to fulfill our aims and support common goals and values i.e rent strikes, sustainability research  etc

Community engagement

Build support for coops and our housing coop by engaging with the local community, writing and interviewing for local media, talking to students and demonstrating the benefits of the coop model.  

Campaigns and Awareness

Take part in local and national coop and housing justice campaigns (plus any others that our members support). Raise awareness of student led housing co-operatives via our website, social media, zine-making, writing articles and speaking at events. 

Policy Development

We need to draft our policy documents such as our diversity and inclusion policy, negotiate a lease and democratically make the rules that SEASALT tenants will abide by. There are opportunities for anyone to get to grips with the process of buying a house and its documentation. 

Finance and Accounting

In 2020, we completed our share offer raising over £335,000 from more than 100 investors. The work doesn't stop here though, we still need a treasurer as well as people to help us budget future projects and things like digital marketing or the design of our dream house.

Meetings and Decision Making

We have bi weekly meetings at SEASALT and with BHCLT (alternating). Each week we have people volunteer to chair meetings, take meeting minutes and write up action points. We need to make decisions, relay and communicate information and implement + agree on policy with BHCLT.  

Support & Training

Project Manager

Full support from the SEASALT Project Manager (funded through Homes England Community Led Homes programme)

Specialised Training

The opportunity to attend specialised training sessions to develop skills and knowledge

Co-operative Network

Wider support from the Co-operative network including Students for Co-operation, Student Co-op Homes, Co-ops UK, Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT), Mutual Aid in Sussex (MAIS) and local housing co-operatives.


Great experience for your CV and the provision of a reference and a certificate of completed volunteer hours


Regular volunteer socials

The First

A unique transformative opportunity to set up the first student housing co-operative in the South East.

Skills Gained