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Key information

Thank you for investing!

Our share offer has now ended. thank you to all of our investors for your support! We'll continue to keep you updated over the coming months and of course we're all here to continue fighting for  better world.

We've raised over £336,000

Over 148% of our original goal! This has allowed us to purchase our first house and move in our first tenants in September 2021! 

Better than the bank

The mainstream highstreet banks fund war, climate catastrophe and human rights abuses across the world. Oh, and they also offer you a terrible interest rate. Our 3% interest rate for all of our investors makes us an attractive ethical alternative to most savings accounts. 

Run by students. For students

"Our vision is of a student led co-operative for affordable housing, democratic living and log-term sustainability." Students make all of the decisions in our co-op giving them a bigger say, more responsibilities and a chance to fight back against the broken housing market. 

A partnership with BHCLT

Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT) are: "A grassroots movement enabling, and campaigning for, community led development in Brighton & Hove, led by our large and diverse membership of local people and accountable to them and the wider community." We have a partnership with them whereby they will lease us our property (house) and offer us training and financial expertise amongst other things!

An ethical, sustainable investment

We used an ethical investment platform, Ethex, to run our share offer. We are also using a sustainable bank, Ecology Building Society, for our mortgage. Our house will be retrofitted to high standards reducing energy use and carbon emissions with a wildlife friendly garden - using recycled or locally made fixtures and fittings where possible. We want to provide long term housing to local students and promote a 'circular economy' lifestyle - self funding future projects. 

Latest news

Our share offer has now ended. Follow us to stay up to date about our plans and future projects!

About the share offer

SEASALT housing co-operative is a sustainable investment and we have raised funds through a share offer from Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT). By investing in the share offer our investors have enabled BHCLT to start purchasing their first property, which it will lease to SEASALT (us), a student housing co-operative. BHCLT’s long-term aim is to mobilise community investment in housing across the city to support their different community-led housing groups and projects to create homes that are secure and of community benefit forever. 

Our share offer was run through Ethex, a sustainable investment platform. We hope to purchase our first house soon and start generating revenue. We already have a mortgage in principle with an ethical ‘bank’ called Ecology Building society

You can read the business plan and view our sustainable investment page below or find out more about us.

Investment total

Our investment total
£336,350 100%
£ 0
Our minimum investment target. (We've exceeded it!)

Our share offer at a glance

Thank you to our brilliant supporters!