University of Sussex Students Union, Falmer House, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9QF


SEASALT Summer 2018 updates

In the hottest summer in years and even with many students going home for the summer SEASALT Housing Co-operative have been busy getting everything ready for Freshers whilst simultaneously putting an offer in on a former 15 bed care home. Being in Brighton has also made for some great meeting venues. “Heatwave summer! SEASALT Housing Co-operative meeting…
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Trip to LILAC Co-Housing, July 2018

On another super sunny July morning a group of us from various projects in Brighton thanks to Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust  travelled up to Bramley, near Leeds to check out the LILAC co-housing project. (Low Impact Living Affordable Community). Interestingly I went to a meeting about LILAC back in 2008 when I was studying…
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Trip to Birmingham Student Housing Co-op

In 2014 a group of students in Birmingham successfully set up the first student housing co-op in the UK. To gain more of an insight into what living in a student housing co-op is really like, and to gather information into how its run, a group from SEASALT went to visit for a weekend. It…
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Here’s our progress so far!

A great start to the first student led housing co-op in Sussex! We’ve recruited a core team of 7 student volunteers including Society & Citizenship Sabbatical Officer (and now our Secretary for the Housing Co-op!) & Ethnic Minorities Officer and been meeting every Thursday this term. There’s lots to do but it’s an incredibly supportive environment,…
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The journey begins!

We set up S.E.A.S.A.L.T Housing Co-operative (South EAst Students Autonomously Living Together) in Spring 2018 as a group of Sussex students to create affordable, high quality, fit for purpose housing specifically to meet the needs of students. A housing co-operative is a property owned and managed by its residents, putting an end to unresponsive landlords,…
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