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Looking back on 2021

Here is our statement and update looking back on 2021. Reposted from Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust on behalf of SEASALT Housing Co-operative. We hope you’ve enjoyed following us throughout the year and we hope that you’re inspired to join us and make material change in 2022! A note from our director, Janet Crome…
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We’ve signed our lease!

We’ve just signed our lease with @BAHCLT and our house at SEASALT housing co-op is now official! *Cue the music*. This means that we can now look forward to welcoming our students in September 2021 and a long term partnership with BHCLT – building a co-operative economy across Brighton and Hove. How does it work?• Brighton and…
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Villains and Heroes: who has control over student housing?

The rapid commodification of student housing goes hand in hand with the rapid commodification of higher education. And luxury student accommodation is BIG business.


This summer, I was fortunate enough to visit the UC Berkeley student housing co-operative in California. The BSC (Berkeley Student Cooperative) was established during the Great Depression in the 1930s and has now expanded to become the largest student housing cooperative in the US, with approximately 1300 tenants spread across 20 houses. I was deeply…
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A couple of summers ago I spent a few weeks in Hastings and very nearly moved there so it was great to have the opportunity to go back to hear about how much has happened over the last few years. Resilient Communities: A Learning Journey two day residential  On the first evening thanks to UnLtd…
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Co-operation jackson

Earlier this month two members from SEASALT, along with members from Out of Town & Bunker Housing Co-operative drove to Monkton Wylde, Dorset. Monkton Wyld is a sustainability centre set in the beautiful Dorset countryside. The 3 day Co-operation Jackson residential was organised by Stir to Action as part of their new economy programme. It…
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Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op Visit

With 106 members Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op (ESHC) is the largest in the UK. Operating out of two properties the co-op is split into four ‘working groups’ to complete basic functions. The two buildings are split into flats made up of four or five bedrooms with shared facilities. The buildings were previously rented as private…
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A Housing ‘Crisis’?

Living in Brighton and Hove the notion that there is a housing ‘crisis’ is not a difficult one to believe. A walk in any busy street will quickly make evident the numerous amounts of people sleeping rough on the streets come summer or winter. Yet I ask is this display really a ‘crisis’? I ask…
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People before profit! Brighton Co-ops

Brighton is known nationally as a hot spot of co-ops and their history goes back a long way right to the very start of the co-operative movement. In 1828 The Brighton Co-operative Benevolent Fund Association, based on the communal ideas of social pioneer Robert Owen, was formed on 1 January 1828 and opened a shop…
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Private rental: Moving in Thoughts

One of our members moved into a private rented house and here are their thoughts from the first day: “Can we paint the walls?” asked my housemate whilst looking at magnolia walls graced with multiple marks, stains and chipped paint. “No’’ answered the estate agent with a non-negotiable face. It was fairly clear from that…
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