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How We Started

SEASALT (South East Students Autonomously Living Together) was founded in spring 2018 following students union elections at The University of Sussex and feasibility discussions in Brighton. Our goal was to create affordable, high quality housing for students run by students.

A core working group was formed made up of students from both the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. Members came from a variety of  different courses including International Development, Law, Neuroscience and Cyber Security.

Our Vision

“Our vision is of a student led initiative for affordable housing, democratic living and long term sustainability”

SEASALT housing co-operative was created to tackle the rent crisis faced by students: high prices, rip-off landlords and poor quality, unsustainable housing. Our aim was simple. Create affordable, high quality housing for students and run by students. 

We believe housing is a human right and we’re fed up with out of control spiraling house prices which leave students and young people forgotten and ignored in the housing market. What’s more, rip off landlords and unsatisfactory estate agents often take liberties when it comes to students, using their inexperience and unstable situations to make maximum profit for minimum effort. SEASALT housing co-operative is different. We will manage our own house through community ownership allowing us to control our rent, draft our own lease and build our dream home via democratic means. 

We also know and understand that climate change and the destruction of our planet is a very real threat and unless we take urgent action in the next 10 years, permanent damage could be done. Unfortunately, the government, landlords and landowners often don’t see this the same way and when it comes to housing there is currently a chronic lack of energy efficient, green social housing in the U.K. Landlords are often reluctant to provide students with quality housing let alone any that offer environmental sustainability. At SEASALT housing co-operative, we are committed to providing a sustainable alternative to this through community owned, democratically controlled housing. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and decrease our impact on the environment both in the U.K. and around the world. To do this we can retrofit our house to  to the highest standards, promote sustainable practices (e.g using renewable energy providers and growing our own food) and take advantage of any national green housing initiatives. Ultimately though, this is for our members to decide.  

So, our vision is of a student led initiative for affordable housing, democratic living and long term sustainability. No more dodgy landlords, no more rip-off rents, no more tinkering at the edges when it comes the environment and sustainability. Just us, SEASALT housing co-operative, making waves in the student housing market.

SEASALT Housing Co-operative

Our aims encompass the spirit of the original Rochadale Pioneers who set up the first UK co-operative in 1844. We want to continue their legacy but add modern standards and values into everything that we do. We strive to champion the working class, minorities and disadvantaged groups such as those on low incomes. However, this doesn’t mean that other people can’t support us and anyone who shares our values and vision is welcome to join our movement and help us provide quality, affordable housing as a human right! Our 8 principle aims are:

  • Quality housing
  • Affordability and accesibility
  • Community
  • Democracy
  • Education
  • Co-operation
  • Pioneering
  • Long-term and environmental sustainability
You can find out more about this on ‘Our Aims’ page.

What are members saying?

It bothers me that renting to students is seen as a way of making profit off of young people. Gaining funding is the first step to enable us to regain control over our housing conditions in a way that cares for the wellbeing of students and the environment.
Seasalt Chair & Masters graduate
I joined SEASALT because I have been a supporter of co-operative organisations for a long time, and after experiencing the stress of finding affordable housing in Brighton I realised high-quality, affordable housing is vital for student wellbeing.
SEASALT Treasurer

SEASALT is working in partnership with Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust to make our vision a reality.

BHCLT is a non-profit community-led organisation, registered as a Community Benefit Society.