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Welcome to SEASALT Housing Co-operative

We are SEASALTSouth East Students Autonomously Living Together. We offer housing for students through our shared house in Brighton and Hove, UK. Our innovative model pioneers a new way of tackling the housing market that puts people and planet before profit. It hands power to our tenants giving them collective management of their property. Join our movement today and let’s work together towards a fairer housing market for all.

About Us

'Our vision is of a student led initiative for affordable housing, democratic living and long term sustainability'

Founded in 2018, we are a student housing co-operative based in Brighton.  As a housing co-operative, property is owned and managed by its residents, putting an end to unresponsive landlords, poor quality housing and spiraling rents. Imagine your typical student house but with no landlord, less exploitation and more control! 

We have raised over £336,000 and bought our first house in Moulescoomb, Brighton through a share offer with Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT). Our first students moved first students in September 2021 so if you are also interested in living or volunteering with us then please see our Live At SEASALT page! Overall, we have created the first Student housing co-operative in the South East.  

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