Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op Visit

With 106 members Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op (ESHC) is the largest in the UK. Operating out of two properties the co-op is split into four ‘working groups’ to complete basic functions. The two buildings are split into flats made up of four or five bedrooms with shared facilities. The buildings were previously rented as private […]

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A Housing ‘Crisis’?

Living in Brighton and Hove the notion that there is a housing ‘crisis’ is not a difficult one to believe. A walk in any busy street will quickly make evident the numerous amounts of people sleeping rough on the streets come summer or winter. Yet I ask is this display really a ‘crisis’? I ask […]

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Moving in Thoughts

‘’Can we paint the walls?’’ asked my housemate whilst looking at magnolia walls graced with multiple marks, stains and chipped paint. ‘’No’’ answered the estate agent with a non-negotiable face. It was fairly clear from that moment where we stood as tenants; mere temporary inhabitors of a building, customers, pieces in the (highly profitable) chess […]

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SEASALT Summer 2018 updates

In the hottest summer in years and even with many students going home for the summer SEASALT Housing Co-operative have been busy getting everything ready for Freshers whilst simultaneously putting an offer in on a former 15 bed care home. Being in Brighton has also made for some great meeting venues. “Heatwave summer! SEASALT Housing Co-operative meeting […]

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Trip to LILAC Co-Housing, July 2018

On another super sunny July morning a group of us from various projects in Brighton thanks to Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust  travelled up to Bramley, near Leeds to check out the LILAC co-housing project. (Low Impact Living Affordable Community). Interestingly I went to a meeting about LILAC back in 2008 when I was studying […]

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